Fitness Superstore is committed to exceptional service which is demonstrated with every call, every customer, every day. Every department is in-house and we pride ourselves on fast response time, guaranteeing your fitness needs are taken care of. From concept to completion, Fitness Superstore guides you through each stage of the process: Design, Supply, Delivery and Maintenance. Servicing NY, NJ, CT, PA and DE.

Second to none when it comes to our creative approach to gym design. We have been effectively designing the layouts. Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling an existing home gym or facility, Fitness Superstore makes the process simple from concept through completion. Our first-class design and consulting services are FREE, and we are eager to help you get started on your project. Leave the planning to our experts and we will have you happily up and running in no time.

The professionals of Fitness Superstore bring you decades of hands on knowledge and experience with nearly every piece of residential and commercial exercise equipment. We help you with how it works, how to maximize performance durability, and how to move and maintain your exercise piece. The results will be the best performance and reception of the best guidance whether you are looking for preventative maintenance, emergency services, safety inspection, layouts, reconditioning, trading in, repairs or relocations. Our service staff offer flexible scheduling, experienced technicians, and the best service. We care about all of our clients that come to us. So if you are in need of repair, wherever you bought it, we’ll fix it. Feel free to reach us at (844) 321-3121.


Our services include:




Delivery & Installation




Service & Support


Reconditioning & Trade-Ins


Moving & Relocations