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Attain Fitness Super Gym SG1 Add on Landmine Attachment for SG1

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Product Overview

Landmine Attachment for SG1

Introducing the SG1 Landmine Attachment – a versatile addition to your home gym that unlocks a world of functional exercises with a barbell. Elevate your strength training experience with this innovative attachment designed to enhance balance, stability, and the variety of movements you can incorporate into your workouts.

Landmine Attachment for SG1 – Key Features:

Versatile Barbell Training:
The SG1 Landmine Attachment is your gateway to a diverse range of barbell exercises. Train effectively with various movements, including landmine presses, rows, twists, and more. This versatile attachment transforms your barbell into a dynamic tool for full-body engagement.

Enhanced Balance and Stability:
Experience improved balance and stability during your functional exercises with the SG1 Landmine Attachment. Its thoughtful design provides a secure anchor point for the barbell, allowing you to focus on form and technique, resulting in more effective and controlled movements.

Seamless Integration with SG1 Super Gym:
Designed to seamlessly integrate with the SG1 Super Gym, the Landmine Attachment becomes an integral part of your home gym setup. Easily attach it to the SG1 for a versatile and efficient workout experience.

Full-Body Engagement:
Engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously with the SG1 Landmine Attachment. Perform exercises that challenge your core, shoulders, back, and legs, promoting overall strength development and functional fitness.

Compact and Space-Efficient:
Enjoy the benefits of versatile barbell training without sacrificing space. The SG1 Landmine Attachment is compact and easy to incorporate into your home gym, making it a space-efficient solution for expanding your workout options.

Ideal for Functional Exercises:
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, the SG1 Landmine Attachment caters to all fitness levels. Incorporate functional movements into your routine to improve coordination, strength, and mobility with the added challenge of a barbell.

Effortless Setup and Adjustments:
Benefit from the convenience of effortless setup and adjustments with the SG1 Landmine Attachment. Easily switch between exercises and modify the attachment to suit your preferred range of motion, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted workout experience.

Expand Your Exercise Repertoire:
Diversify your workout routine and challenge yourself with new exercises using the SG1 Landmine. From explosive power movements to controlled strength exercises, this attachment opens up a world of possibilities for elevating your fitness journey.

Elevate your home gym experience with the SG1 Landmine Attachment – where versatility meets functionality. Transform your barbell into a dynamic training tool, enhance your balance and stability, and unlock a variety of exercises that target multiple muscle groups. Choose Attain Fitness for a comprehensive and adaptable fitness solution.

Strength Residential Warranty:

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 10 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 5 Years – Upholstery

Strength Light Commercial Warranty:

  • 10 Years Frame Warranty
  • 3 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 1 Year – Upholstery
Weight 3.527 lbs.
Footprint measurements L x W x H 4.5”x3.75”x13.75”