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Attain Fitness H843 Bar Catcher

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Product Overview

Introducing the Attain Fitness H843 Bar Catcher – an exclusive addition designed to maximize the versatility of your H840 Power Rack. Elevate your strength training experience with this extra set of J Hooks, providing users the freedom to expand their workout space beyond the internal confines of the rack.

H843 Bar Catcher – Key Features:

Extended Workout Space:
The H843 Bar Catcher is a game-changer for your H840 Power Rack, offering an additional set of J Hooks that can be strategically placed on the outside of the rack. This ingenious design provides users with extended workout space, allowing for a broader range of exercises and movement.

Versatility Beyond Confinements:
Break free from the internal confines of the power rack with the H843 Bar Catcher. This exclusive addition enables users to perform exercises outside the rack, providing versatility for movements that require more room and freedom for dynamic training.

Seamless Integration with H840 Power Rack:
Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Attain Fitness H840 Power Rack, the H843 Bar Catcher enhances the functionality of your home gym setup. Create a dynamic and adaptable workout environment tailored to your fitness goals.

Extra Set of J Hooks:
Enjoy the convenience of having an extra set of J Hooks at your disposal. The H843 Bar Catcher ensures that you have the flexibility to set up your power rack for various exercises without the need to constantly reposition hooks during your workout.

Durable and Reliable Construction:
Crafted with durability in mind, the H843 Bar Catcher is built to withstand the rigors of intense strength training. Trust in the sturdy construction to provide a reliable and secure platform for your lifts and exercises.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience:
With the extra set of J Hooks, safety and convenience are paramount. Easily switch between different exercises and movements without compromising on stability or security. The H843 Bar Catcher prioritizes your safety during every workout.

Ideal for Advanced Training Techniques:
Perfect for users incorporating advanced training techniques or those who prefer a more expansive workout area, the H843 Bar Catcher unlocks new possibilities for your power rack training. Expand your repertoire of exercises and enjoy the benefits of increased workout freedom.

Elevate your power rack experience with the Attain Fitness H843 Bar Catcher – where versatility meets innovation. Unleash your potential with extended workout space, seamless integration, and an extra set of J Hooks designed exclusively for the H840 Power Rack.

Choose Attain Fitness for a dynamic and adaptable home gym solution.

Strength Residential Warranty:

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 10 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 5 Years – Upholstery

Strength Light Commercial Warranty:

  • 10 Years Frame Warranty
  • 3 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 1 Year – Upholstery
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