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Attain Fitness H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment: Bench Add On

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Product Overview

H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment

H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment

  • Locking leg hold down
  • 6 roller design
  • Dual functionality
  • Adjustable, versatile design
  • Designed to withstand the load and stress associated with leg exercises
  • Can be added to H804, H802

Introducing the Attain Fitness H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment – the perfect addition to the H804 and H805 Flat/Incline/Decline Benches. Elevate your leg workouts with this versatile attachment designed for both leg extension and leg curl exercises. With a robust design and adjustable features, the H811 brings dual functionality and customizable support to your home gym.

H811 Leg Extension / Curl Attachment – Key Features:

Locking Leg Hold Down:
Experience stability and security during your leg workouts with the locking leg hold down feature of the H811 Attachment. This ensures that your legs stay firmly in place, allowing you to focus on your exercises with confidence.

6 Roller Design:
The H811 boasts a 6-roller design, providing smooth and consistent movement during both leg extension and leg curl exercises. This thoughtful design enhances the comfort of your workouts while maintaining optimal support for your legs.

Dual Functionality:
Versatility is key, and the H811 delivers with dual functionality. Easily switch between leg extension and leg curl exercises to target different muscle groups in your lower body, allowing for a comprehensive leg workout within the comfort of your home gym.

Adjustable, Versatile Design:
Tailor your leg workouts to your fitness level and preferences with the adjustable and versatile design of the H811 Attachment. Customize the settings to suit your body, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout every time.

Designed to Withstand Load and Stress:
Built with durability in mind, the H811 is designed to withstand the load and stress associated with leg exercises. Whether you’re performing intense leg extensions or focusing on the controlled movement of leg curls, this attachment provides the strength and stability you need.

Compatible with H804 and H805 Benches:
Seamlessly integrate the H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment with the Attain Fitness H804 and H805 Flat/Incline/Decline Benches. Enhance the functionality of your benches and expand your lower body workout options with this purpose-built attachment.

Can Be Added to H804, H805:
Effortlessly upgrade your H804 or H805 bench with the H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment. This versatile addition allows you to expand your home gym capabilities, providing targeted support for your leg exercises.

Transform your home gym into a leg-training powerhouse with the Attain Fitness H811 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment. Enjoy the benefits of dual functionality, adjustable features, and a robust design.

Elevate your leg workouts and achieve your fitness goals with this essential addition to your home gym setup. Choose Attain Fitness for a comprehensive and customizable fitness solution.

Strength Residential Warranty:

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 10 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 5 Years – Upholstery

Strength Light Commercial Warranty:

  • 10 Years Frame Warranty
  • 3 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 1 Year – Upholstery
Weight 13.228 lbs.
Footprint measurements L x W x H 26”x22”x5”