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Attain Fitness Super Gym SG1 Add on Dip Attachment for SG1

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Product Overview

Introducing the Dip Attachment for the SG1 Super Gym – an essential accessory designed to take your strength training to new heights. Crafted for durability and stability, this attachment is engineered to withstand rigorous workouts, rated for an impressive 750 pounds. Elevate your home gym experience with a robust and sturdy dip attachment that brings versatility and strength to your fitness routine.

Dip Attachment for SG1 – Key Features:

Impressive Weight Rating:
The Dip Attachment for the SG1 Super Gym boasts an impressive weight rating of 750 pounds, providing a secure and reliable platform for your dip exercises. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, this attachment is built to accommodate your strength and performance.

Sturdy and Durable Construction:
Experience unparalleled stability with the extremely sturdy construction of the SG1 Dip Attachment. Crafted with durability in mind, this attachment ensures a rock-solid foundation, allowing you to focus on your dips without worrying about stability.

Versatile Dip Exercises:
Add a new dimension to your strength training regimen with versatile dip exercises. Target your chest, triceps, and shoulders with precision using the SG1 Dip Attachment, promoting upper body strength and muscular development.

Seamless Integration with SG1 Super Gym:
Designed for a perfect fit, the Dip Attachment seamlessly integrates with the SG1 Super Gym. Transform your home gym into a comprehensive strength training hub by adding this versatile accessory to your SG1 setup.

Adjustable for Individual Preferences:
Tailor your dip workouts to your unique preferences with the adjustable features of the SG1 Dip Attachment. Find the perfect height and grip width to optimize your form and ensure a comfortable and effective workout.

Easy to Install and Use:
Enjoy the convenience of easy installation and straightforward usability. The SG1 Dip Attachment is designed for hassle-free setup, allowing you to transition seamlessly from one exercise to the next without any complications.

Ideal for All Fitness Levels:
Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned athlete, the SG1 Dip Attachment caters to all fitness levels. Challenge yourself and progress at your own pace with a reliable and versatile attachment that grows with you on your fitness journey.

Elevate your strength training experience with this innovative attachment – where impressive weight capacity meets sturdy construction. Maximize your upper body workouts, target key muscle groups, and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

Choose Attain Fitness for quality, durability, and a commitment to helping you attain new heights in your fitness journey.

Strength Residential Warranty:

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 10 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 5 Years – Upholstery

Strength Light Commercial Warranty:

  • 10 Years Frame Warranty
  • 3 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts
  • 1 Year – Upholstery
Weight 9.7 lbs.
Footprint measurements L x W x H 20.625”x19.75”x4.375”