Synapse CBD Gum


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Synapse has been carefully researched and developed for the simple reason of giving people a way to be calm and enjoy living in the moment. This revolutionary gum contains high-quality ingredients that may have health benefits. Synapse is a portable, water soluble CBD supplement delivery system that has been developed to help you be calm and be healthy anytime, anywhere.

CBD is absorbed by the oral mucosa of the mouth as the gum is chewed, rather than traveling through the digestive tract, the substance is absorbed faster than CBD that is swallowed. Each piece of Synapse contains 15 mg of CBD, using a patented process that enhances the bioavailability. There are 5 pieces of spearmint flavored gum per pack.


The Cognitive Benefits that Liquid Core® can help to promote (based on quality chewing) are increased focus and concentration, improved memory recall, and decreased stress just to name a few. These are all based on independent studies that can be found here, here and here.




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