Skincare Box Set



Introducing our newest skin care treat: the Chakra Skincare Box Set! The set includes four luxury skin care necessities- fit for all skin types. There are (3) single serving packages of each product, including the makeup remover, exfoliating cleanser, facial cream, and facial serum/primer.

The entire line was created with the purest intentions and ingredients to help your skin look and feel its best!

Experience everything the entire line has to offer through these trial sized servings. For more information about ingredients and details on each specific product, click the links below.

Makeup Remover
Gently removes regular and waterproof makeup from the skin.

Toner & Cleanser
Hydrating hibiscus milk cleanser with exfoliating properties.

Deep moisturizing face cream that reduces redness, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

Serum + Primer
2-in-1 solution for sealing your skincare regime while providing moisture and optimal skin texture for makeup application.

A weekend of CBD facials with the Chakra luxury Skincare box set.


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