Chakra Skin Mani/Pedi Box Set



Introducing The Chakra Skin Mani and Pedi Box Kit. Arranged and inspired by hard working women or men, this kit is designed to integrate relief and self-love into your daily routine. Our kit includes a 100mg CBD Blueberry Cuticle Oil Drops and our aromatic blissful 300mg CBD Himalayan Lavender Foot Soak.We have been receiving amazing feedback for its potency, scents and quality. This Mani/Pedi Pedi set will provide aromatic bliss to all who use it. Our Chakra Skin Himalayan Lavender Foot Soak and Blueberry Cuticle Oil Drops are a duo that is not available from anywhere else. Get your hands, and feet on this set and feel the natural relief for yourself. Made with all natural ingredients. We recommend using the foot soak with 1 gallon of hot/warm water in a foot basin of choice. There are 3 servings per bag. After, use the moisturizing cuticle oil- infused with CBD isolate and essential oil ; great for cracked, dry hands/feet and cuticles.

300mg of CBD Per Bag
All Natural Ingredients
Vegan & Cruelty Free

Decreases Inflammation
Increases Circulation
Ultra Moisturizing

Learn more about our CBD Cuticle Oil:
Learn more about our CBD Foot Soak:


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