CBD Honey Bundle


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All three of our delicious CBD honey flavors available in one bundle!

Our luxurious CBD honey is an all organic and natural remedy to include CBD in your daily regimen! Each 4 oz bottle has 180mg of full spectrum CBD; we offer 3 different flavors. Add to your tea, toast, yummy meals or even a straight spoonful! 21mg of cbd per tablespoon.

Wild flower or polyforal  honey is derived from the blossoms of numerous flowers. Wild flowers grow naturally, and the nectar collected always comes from a wide array of plant species. There are natural antioxidants and ant inflammatories in wildflower honey making it an effected way to boost your immune system. Great to help allergies or a cold. 

Sweet and relatively thick, orange blossom honey is one of the best honeys to drizzle over granola or spread on toast. Orange blossom honey has a delicately light orange/citrus scent; it’s rich in vitamins, C, magnesium, zinc and potassium. It has antibacterial effects and the antioxidants make it an immunity booster and elixir for health and overall wellness.

Saw Palmetto is a brush or small tree with a sprawling horizontal trunk and round crown of large, fan shaped leaves. It takes 100 years for the palms to grow big enough for honey bees to start the honey making process. Saw Palmetto is deep amber in color. It is full-bodied, citrusy, smoky, with woody overtones. You might even taste a little caramel in there. Like any other honey, due to its content in enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, acids, saw palmetto honey is good for our digestive/immune system, as well as placed on any wound. It is also considered a supplement for prostate issues.

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Orange Blossom, Wild Flower, Saw Palmetto


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