Brazilian CBD Coffee


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The Good Vibe CBD Brazilian roast coffee is a must have in your morning routine. It has a light body with a medium acidity and earthy and nutty undertones. You will not find a coffee with higher quality, consistency or freshness.  

 We teamed up with a roaster in Columbus, Ohio that has been micro roasting since 1988. All of the beans are hand roasted on a gas fired drum roaster and shipped to our facility within 48 hrs. From there we infuse our full spectrum CBD oil into the beans and package it for your enjoyment. Simple but so satisfactory. For the best brew use .5 oz. of ground coffee with 8 oz. of water.

  • 20mg of CBD per serving.


Benefits include  your morning caffeine with a dose of CBD. Helps to reduce inflammation and relieve anxiety. No coffee jitters.


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